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Binary Options trading is risky

It is essential to be able to trade at anytime and on-the-go. Option Live understands this and has designed a mobile version of the platform available on your Smartphone or tablet.


The Option Live app is practical, light and rapid and includes all the features of the website version. Easy to handle and sure, it allows you to follow your positions and react rapidly to important signals.

The Option Live goal is to offer everyone the opportunity to generate substantial financial returns in a controlled, safe and legal way.

The platform therefore develops various trading solutions , effective and tailored to each trader profile. But it also provides tools and training to help to improve and maintain a high level of competence in all aspects of the financial markets.

Combined with attractive and dynamic commercial offers and great flexibility and high transparency in the management of deposits and withdrawals , these features provide a unique experience and quick gains.

For over 20 years, the regulated Option Live platform has developed highly modern trading methods and tools for online binary option trading.

Perfectly adapted to all types of traders, it offers a comprehensive and enriching experience whether you are novice or advanced.

This intuitive and secure platform allows you to get started easily by providing instant access to stock markets all around the world. Its teaching programme and custom follow-up service guide the traders and offer unfailing support to ensure substantial results.

What are binary options

This revolutionary way of trading currencies, commodities, stocks and indices has been the preferred choice of most traders for the past few years.

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  • Years of experience
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  • Mobile Trading
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Most traded

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Daimler 68.75999 0
AUD/JPY 86.22 +0.00300
Allianz 163.773 0
Coca-Cola 41.72 +0.03000
Bitcoin E. 1097.46 -7.47000
Bayer FWB 104.3885 -0.05899
GBP/JPY 140.234 -0.04299
USD/CAD 1.30999 -0.00072





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